High sensitivity Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar Built-in programs to screen visitors and staff for weapons and contraband Met-Identity technology for Identification of Threat Composition Accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets High throughput Cutting-edge discrimination technology allows personal effects to be ignored, creating rapid transit flow No need to remove items such as belts, coins, keys, jewelry, watches, wallets, etc. Low nuisance alarm rate even at the strictest Security Levels High transit flow rates and the minimum need for intervention by inspection personnel New certified ip66 control unit New integrated design Total compatibility with previous IP20 (plastic) and IP65 (stainless steel) control units Robust structure through the use of high-performance polymers for the construction of housing Waterproof / Dustproof: IP66 compliant (IEC 60529) Exceptional impact resistance at low and high temperatures and resistance to corrosion from atmospheric agents Display made with specific polymer to improve the visibility of the LEDs by increasing the definition Unique alarm signalling Dual Side 20 x 2 localization zones High visibility of the control unit and of the zone indication, independent from the operator position and the installation environment Flexible Acoustic Alarm Signaling System: 10 Continuous and Pulsed Tones; 34 Special Sounds 10 Alarm Volume Levels Very High Precision Transit Counter Most powerful and versatile security features Up to 50 built-in Security Programs: Up to 30 International Standards; Up to 20 Customizable Levels Chip Card system for fast, simple and secure parameter changes (i.e. alarm volume and tone, counter reading, etc.) and security level selection. Any security standard can be enhanced with selectable random alarm probability MI2 sensor SMD600 Plus can be upgraded anytime either with MI2 Sensor for superior smartphone and cellphone detection, or with TDU including advanced IR processing for fully automatic, highly selective and precise detection of maximum facial temperature measurements even in harshest environmental conditions. The SMD600 Plus with integrated MI2 sensor provides unmatched versatility in its ability to screen people in applications that require simultaneous detection of all metal (magnetic and non-magnetic) fi rearms and cellphone/smartphone devices, including the most miniaturized, lowmetal content versions. In this configuration both panels of the archway are equipped with dual color light bars (red and yellow colors) and 4-beam photocells modules. TDU Thermal Detection Unit The TDU (Thermal Detection Unit) is an upgrade sensing kit for covid screening compliance: Simultaneous threat and fever detection on all screened persons Accurate person measurement using an infrared camera with automatic determination of the highest temperature Integrated web-server & logger Monitor the status of Metal Detector network in real time Centralized Setting of the Metal Detectorsí working parameters Transits flow monitoring Report on number of people screened and alarm rates automatically Detailed reporting of the transits data and the Security Device configuration data Remotely control and verify the security level No server or specific client software required, only a web browser Zero configuration network for simple setup 2 x Ethernet 100base-TX